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Discover Blue Heron Dental's full range of dental treatments in London, Ontario. Our family-friendly clinic provides expert care for all ages, ensuring your family's dental health.
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Dental Crowns and Bridges
A crown is basically a cap for a damaged tooth. It can be made from a variety of materials, including metal or porcelain.
tooth implant
Dental Implants
Dental Implants are strong, durable, and natural in appearance. They are among the most successful dental procedures performed today.
tooth root canal
Root Canal Treatment
We regularly performs a root canal endodontic treatment in order to remove infections and save patients’ teeth.
tooth treatments
Treatment of bruxism
Treatment of grinding and clenching of teeth and associated with it TMJ disorder
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Blue Heron Dental Centre is a proud owner of one of the most contemporary models of the 3D image equipment Sirona Orthophos S 3D PAN
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Aligner Treatment with SureSmile
Blue Heron Dental Centre helps give you a healthy, beautiful smile in a way that fits comfortably and conveniently into your daily routine.
broken tooth
Cosmetic composite restorations
Fast, inexpensive and cost effective system of restoring broken teeth.
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Pediatric Dentistry
Dental care is important at any age, but when it comes to children it takes a gentle hand and a focused knowledge to treat them.
tooth extraction
Tooth Extraction
In Dental center we perform a tooth extraction in the least invasive manner possible to shorten the recovery time.
tooth caries
Tooth Filling
Tooth fillings can be used to restore your damaged teeth, are non-toxic and can be matched to the color of your existing teeth.
tooth with medical cross
Emergency Dental Care
Dental center provides emergency dental care that helps to restore a tooth that sustains damage from an accident or infection in London, Ontario.
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Dental Checkup
Regularly scheduled dental examinations can help to prevent a dental emergency.
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Cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and catch early signs of dental disease
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Trained dental hygienists in Blue Heron Dental could offer you safe and effective ways to make your teeth whiter.

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