Tooth Extraction

Our experts Dr. Kabak or Dr. Yurchuk in Blue Heron Dental Center (London, Ontario) will always do everything they can to treat inflammation, alleviate pain, save your tooth, and preserve its normal function. If your tooth is not possible to save, a tooth extraction is often recommended.

In this case our dentists Dr. Kabak or Dr. Yurchuk will provide you safe, painless extraction and great postoperative care.

Painless Tooth Extraction

No one enjoys the idea of having to go to a dentist or dental surgeon to get a tooth or wisdom teeth pulled – and we understand that. However, in some cases it is necessary. There are many of reasons why Dr. Kabak & Dr. Yurchuk may recommend a tooth extraction:

- tooth decay

- dental infection

- tooth fracture

- advanced gum disease

- reparation for braces

- impacted or infected wisdom teeth extraction

Pulling teeth in these cases will save you from pain, from spreading dental infection, and losing more teeth in the future. Infected teeth have a negative impact on your health and general well-being. For example, dental infection is associated with poor control of diabetes and with the scientifically proven risk of cardio-vascular disease, depression, and low wait of newborn babies. Removing sources of dental infection will keep your dental and general health in good shape.

What to expect during the tooth extraction appointment?

We will begin the tooth extraction procedure by applying a numbing gel and general anesthetic, which will numb the area around the tooth to be removed. Once the area is fully numbed, the tooth or teeth can be removed.

During the procedure you will not have any pain but you will feel pressure. Your dentist is using pressure to loosen the tooth and disconnect it from the jaw bone. In some cases to make the procedure easier the dentist will split the tooth in 2 or more fragments and remove them separately. After your tooth is pulled the dentist may need to place stitches to improve healing.

The great thing is that recovery time from the simple tooth extraction is typically only a few days. There are also many things that you can do to speed up the tooth extraction recovery, such as rinsing your mouth with salt water and following a soft diet. After the tooth extraction is over, the Dr. Kabak or Dr. Yurchuk will provide you detailed wound care and pain control instructions. You will also receive written instructions to review at home.

If you need more information about post extraction care, please visit the Patient Information page of Blue Heron Dental Centre website.

You don’t have to endure the pain and misery of decayed, impacted teeth when relief is as close as Blue Heron Dental Centre in London, Ontario. Call us today and let us help you smile again.

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