Tooth Filling

Having shiny, bright, perfect, white teeth has become a norm and is associated with confidence and good hygiene. Composite white tooth fillings in Blue Heron Dental Center (South London, Onatrio) offer a quick and cost-effective way to restore the natural beauty of a healthy smile.

The first step to proper cosmetic dentistry tooth fillings is through a comprehensive examination by a highly skilled Dr. Kabak & Dr. Yurchuk. The dentists pay a lot of attention to the prevention of recurrent caries and to the excellent quality of our restorations. Our dentists often use a rubber dam. It is a rubber umbrella that isolates your tooth from the mouth and prevents any of the dental instruments and materials from getting in the mouth. Rubber dam is important for safety and to maintain a dry and clean working area when placing the fillings.

Dr. Kabak & Dr. Yurchuk pay a lot of attention to the proper color identification of dental materials for the beautiful look of your teeth and restore teeth giving them an anatomically appropriate shape of the healthy teeth for great function. After placement of the filling your tooth will become stronger and will look natural.

Preserve Your Teeth with White Composite Tooth Fillings in Blue Heron Dental Centre, South London, Ontario

Inlays and bonds are tooth-colored white composite tooth fillings placed in or on a tooth. Only the affected area is removed, so this is a more conservative method of dental restoration requiring less drilling. The white fillings made of composite resin are painlessly and securely glued to the tooth and cured with a special blue light. Blue light is transforming soft composite material into dense composition capable of withholding heavy chewing pressure. These white composite tooth fillings can blend with your teeth, so they are much less noticeable.

Amalgam (metal fillings)

Amalgam fillings were very popular in the past. Amalgam is a safe and durable material.

However, it is important to know that old amalgam restorations are responsible for many fractured teeth. Over time, old amalgam fillings allow decay to happen around them, plus, there is a small gap forming around them. As a result amalgam filling is shifting under chewing pressure and flexing the tooth walls. This process leads to cracks growing in the tooth structure. Gradually, these cracks grow and turn into a tooth fracture. If the tooth loses one wall, your dentist can place a filling to restore the fractured tooth . However in many cases fractures split the tooth into 2 parts and make it not restorable, so the tooth usually needs to be extracted.

To prevent fractures of the teeth in Blue Heron Dental Centre, Dr. Kabak & Dr. Yurchuk will carefully assess your teeth regarding risks of fractures. If the old amalgam filling is surrounded by deeply stained crack lines the dentist may offer to replace old metal filling with the white composite filling or crown.

Blue Heron Dental Center is a well established dental practice serving the patients in the South part of London, Ontario, and surrounding areas with affordable and high-quality services. We are providing a great combination of long dental experience, updated knowledge, patient-centered approach and newest dental technologies.

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