Blue Heron Dental Centre Launches Innovative Myofunctional Therapy Courses

Blue Heron Dental Centre Launches Innovative Myofunctional Therapy Courses
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London, Ontario – Blue Heron Dental Centre is excited to announce the launch of its new educational initiative, starting with a comprehensive Myofunctional Therapy course. This course marks the beginning of a series of educational offerings aimed at improving oral health and overall well-being through targeted exercises and therapy.

Introducing Myofunctional Therapy

The first course in our series is focused on Myofunctional Therapy, an exercise training program for the muscles around your face, mouth, and tongue. This therapy is designed to address issues with talking, eating, or breathing and has been found to be effective in treating sleep-disordered breathing.

Course Details

Our Myofunctional Therapy course consists of 18 short video lessons, each providing clear instructions for various exercises.

These exercises are designed to strengthen the orofacial muscles, improve oral function, and enhance overall health.

Connection to Tongue Tie Treatment

For those interested in learning more about related treatments, we recommend reading our article on Tongue Tie in Adults. Myofunctional therapy can be an effective component of treating tongue tie, improving outcomes for affected patients.

For more information about our new courses and to get started with Myofunctional Therapy, please visit our courses page or contact our office directly. We look forward to helping you achieve better oral health and well-being through our innovative educational offerings.

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