Meet Dr. Yury Kabak

Dr. Yury Kabak is a highly skilled and experienced dentist in London, Ontario. A Leader and Innovator in the Field of Dentistry.
Dr. Yury Kabak - Dentist at Blue Heron Dental

Early Education and Family Background in Medicine

Dr. Yury Kabak was born in Belarus in 1977 in a three generation medical family with long standing traditions. He graduated from high school with the silver medal and was accepted at the Dental Faculty of the Belarussian State Medical University.

Academic and Professional Beginnings

After his graduation with honors Dr. Kabak accepted a position of the assistant professor at his alma mater and got involved into the research project in endodontics (root canal treatment). He obtained PhD degree in 2005 and accepted the position of the associate professor in 2006. Until immigrating to Canada in 2010 Dr. Kabak was actively practicing dentistry along with his academic commitments.

Advanced Studies and Dental Practice in Canada

Dr. Kabak graduated from Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University in 2014 with distinction. He has been associating at multiple dental practices in London, Ontario providing general dental services as well as teaching at Western.

Specialization in Endodontic Dental Treatment

Dr. Kabak is passionate about all aspects of it, but he has especially profound knowledge and skills in endodontic dental treatment( root canal treatment). He is dedicating a lot of his clinical time to the root canal treatment.

Continual Professional Development and Technological Advancements in Dentistry

Dr. Kabak is constantly upgrading his knowledge and sharpening his skills. Recently he completed certification for the 3D x-rays( CBCT) in dentistry and can provide his patients detailed analysis of the anatomical structures of the jaws: teeth, gums, bone, nerves and vessels. Dr. Kabak is using a state-of-art technology to maintain high standards and to reach successful results of treatment. He upgraded his education 3 years ago and started placing dental implants. 4 years ago he started to operate with the use of dental microscopes in his practice.

Personal Life, Community Involvement, and Hobbies

Dr. Kabak is a proud dad of three children and an active member of the community advocating for a clean environment and a healthy lifestyle. Through his free time, he enjoys traveling locally and exploring the beauty of Canadian parks usually accompanied by his family including Jet the corgi dog. He is an avid reader, he loves music and great old comedy.

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