One day crowns/bridges available now

We offer one-day crowns
Blue Heron Dental
Blue Heron Dental
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Blue Heron Dental Center now offers our patients the option of reinforcing your teeth with crowns and replacing missing teeth with crown and/or bridges in A FRACTION OF THE TIME!

Waiting two weeks to receive your final crown is now a thing of the past :’)

The Cerec Milling Unit at Blue Heron Dental Center enables crown and bridge fabrication in a single day. Unlike traditional laboratory-made crowns and bridges, these crowns and bridges are milled in our office using a precise, convenient, and fast machine (Cerec Primemill by Densply Sirona) and delivered the same day.

One-day crowns and bridges can save you a lot of time, reduce the possibility of tooth sensitivity, and eliminate the need for temporary crowns and bridges. Furthermore, there is no need to use messy and inconvenient impression materials. The digital scan has taken the place of traditional impressions. Scans are more convenient and quick. If you move or have an emergency during your vacation, a 3-D digital image of your teeth and jaw could be stored indefinitely and transferred to any part of the world.


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