Intraoral 3D Scanner for Faster Dental Impressions

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In terms of new technology and ways to make patients’ lives easier, the dental industry is constantly evolving. Blue Heron Dental takes pride in using cutting-edge dental technology, including our intra-oral scanner and 3D printer.

What does the involvement of an intraoral scanner indicate for Blue Heron patients?

Shorter appointment times. You no longer have to hold your breath for minutes that seem hours as we let the alginate set in your mouth, while trying to not gag as it slips down your throat. We also no longer have to worry about retaking these impressions incase we saw an imprecation or an air bubble that the lab would not accept.

It is a safe procedure that does not expose our patients to any radiation or harm.

Because the scanner captures the exact shape and contours of all your teeth, we are producing more accurate work.

Improved patient and doctor communication. After your mouth has been scanned, you will be able to see a 3D rendered model of your mouth on the screen, allowing you to see your mouth from a different angle. This may raise many questions and gives the patient a better understanding of what the treatment plan looks like.

The intra-oral scanner has been used and applied in a variety of fields of dentistry, including restoration fabrication, diagnosis, prosthesis customization, surgery, and orthodontics.

Once your teeth have been scanned, your mouth image is now saved into our database – allowing us to have access to it at any time. This will make more sense as you read on.

What is a 3D printer doing in dentistry?

With 3D printers in dentistry, you no longer have to wait for the lab to finish your case on time. Instead of having to wait weeks for the lab to complete your case, we can now reduce the wait time for certain cases to as little as a day. That means having your night guard potentially even the same day you get scanned.

Let us walk you through what the process looks like…

1. You come in for your appointment and have a full mouth scan with the intra oral. The practitioner will show you a model of your teeth and can answer any questions you may have at this time.

2. Your 3D virtual model is saved on our database, allowing us to access it at any time. No more having to stress about losing your retainer and having to come back in for impressions or a scan because we already have it saved 😉 )

3. Our scanner communicates wirelessly with our 3D printer and can create a model in minutes.

4. You can decide to stay in office as we create your appliance, or you can decide to come later that day, whatever works best with your schedule. In some cases, you can be scanned at the beginning of your hygiene visit and have your appliance ready by the time you leave the office.

At Blue Heron Dental, we strive to provide excellent care to our patients, and we believe that doing so requires staying current on the latest technology. We can’t wait to scan your teeth at your next visit!

Call us now to book your appointment or to come out to see the new gadgets; we’d love to show them off!

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